Download PUBG Mobile 1.0.17 Timi Latest Version

PUBG Mobile Timi Version is a remodeled version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile with lots of graphical improvements and game mechanics similar to the original PC version. And with their latest update, a lot of things made its way into the game like Monster Truck, Pickup Truck and many more. In this article, I’ll Let you through the newest features and changes made on PUBG Mobile 1.0.17 Timi version.

About PUBG Mobile Timi

PUBG being a popular battle royale game among PC and Console players send out its journey into the mobile platform and was a global hit. Interaction between 4 players into killing other players throughout 4 different maps with themes like Desert, Sub-terrain, Abandon warehouses, Snow, etc.

This mobile launch of the game set out each and every player to try out PUBG Mobile at least once in their life and is completely free to play made it a way better option for kids and people who do not want to spend money in the game. It was first released into China as beta but soon made out into global version which absolutely killed every other game in the trend. Thus started the craze for PUBG Mobile, and soon it was made out for emulator player and now it is a global hit overall.

PUBG Mobile is made to license for two major mobile game designer ‘Lightspeed and Quantum’ and ‘Timi Studios’. The Lightspeed version is more of a strip down version for every kind of mobile and released globally. Whereas Timi studios focus on optimization and performance close to the original PC version and did not make it out for Global launch.

Ever since their first launch, PUBG Mobile Timi was more realistic with performance close to that of the PC version and included lots of features in each of their releases. The overall better graphics and amazing gameplay attracted more and more people into it.

Previous builds are already there, but you can find more fresh juice in PUBG Mobile Timi version 1.0.17.

Version 1.0.17 Updated Changelog:-

  1. Press and hold to open the mirror mode, the player can choose in the setting interface – convenient setting, open and hold the aim button to open the Mirror, The Mirror will be closed when the release.
  2.  After pressing and holding the mirror, the screen can be moved to the viewing angle.
  3.  Optimization of the effect of the mirror when the gunfire shaking.
  4.  Optimization of precision shooting handgun after sitting force
  5.  After the installation of the mirror, the gun from the machine with the sight of the problem is not a normal display.
  6.  Increase the grip time after the throw was pulled ring.
  7. Optimization of the kar98k for animation.
  8.  Grenades and pistols are now shown on the character.
  9.  When the player does not open the system location permission, the “close-in” will be prompted to go to the system settings in the interface
    Set in the open.
  10.  The original “up to” system upgrade for the “military needs” system, in addition, to continue to change back to the chest, but also can be directly gold exchange clothing and drop umbrella.
    Oh, there will be more items on the shelves in the future, please note.
  11.  War Master Mode to add profit – gassed backpack! More props with gameplay waiting for you to dig.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.0.17 Timi APK for Android

Download PUBG Mobile 1.0.17 Timi for iOS

Note – In case the download links aren’t working, you can go to the official website – and download PUBG mobile Timi latest version.

That’s about it for now. I hope the following article will work the way it is meant to be. Tell us about your experiences down in the comment section. In case I have missed anything, you can let me know down in the comment box as well.