How To Reduce Ping In Pubg Mobile

No Doubt PUBG Mobile Is one of the Best Battle Games From the last 2 years But frankly Telling You there Is Still Many Glitches Available On Pubg Mobile, we have to have to accept that some times you get stuck on somewhere or sometimes You Car get stuck and blast and sometimes you have stable internet data but your ping getting High and become choppy.

If You Are Facing higher pings Issue But Your internet Is Stable Then you can Use This Tricks To Reduce Ping in Pubg. Don’t Worry I Will provide you the Simple Guide To Reduce Pubg ping.

Fix High Ping Issue Using Pinger App

Pinger App Is Developed by Zix Dev They Also Developed many App To Reduce The Ping in pubg Mobile Like Ping Gamer v.2, Super Ping, FPS ping Gamer But After Testing All These Apps I Found PING GAMER – Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online Is One Of The Best Working apps, You May See Ads On this App but obviously they have to make some money through This App but Trust This App Is Solving The high Ping Issue on Pubg Mobile.

Best Thing About Pinger App is It’s Just 3 MB Size App and Very Easy to use, you will not confuse to setup. after using this app you will get an incredible fastest ping, it will reduce the High ping Issue and Provide you stable ping.

The Interface of this app is very simple, You just have to Press The On Button And Boom.

Now Open Your Pubg Mobile And Check How Much Ping You are Getting After Using Pinger App. Hope You Get The Constant Green ping At least To Play This Beautiful Game Smoothly.

Reduce Ping In Pubg Mobile Using GFX Tools

If Pinger App Didn’t Work for You, You Must Try Using Some Third-party App. Before That, you have to Choose Best GFX Tools For Pubg Mobile, Here I Am Going To Talk About Best GFX Tools To Reduce The High ping Issue And Lag Issue.

How to Use GFX Tool on PUBG game?

Step 1:

First Of All Download This GFX Tool On your mobile, Don’t worry this tool is available on the play store so you don’t have to download it from any third party website.

Step 2:

After Installing the GFX Tool app, close the app. And Also Don’t forget to close down the pubg mobile app.

Step 3:

Now, you have to customize the GFX tool Settings According to our comforts, for settings suggestion visit these details post about Best Gfx Tools And Settings.

Reduce Pubg ping Issue Using Native Game booster

So before Playing Pubg, you must Stop All your background activities, well nowadays some of Android Phone has Inbuilt Game Boosters. Basically this booster will prioritize Your game and stop background apps so you can get best possible ping To Your Game.

Well if you are One plus users Then You have Inbuilt Game Mode Features Which can enable Game booster for Enabling it just go to Settings -> Utilities -> Gaming Mode.

Well if you are Xiaomi User Then you can simply Enable Game Turbo settings.

In case, your device does not have an Inbuilt Game booster features, you can Simply Download This Game Booster app from the Play Store, This Will Definitly Reduce your high ping issue in PUBG mobile.

Fix High ping Issue And Lag Issue clearing Manage Space

You must Clean up your Device For Having Great Experience While playing Pubg, If your storage is full then you definitely going to get high ping and lag issue.

How To Fix High Ping issue Using Pubg Repair option

If nothing is working for you, Then Pubg Provide you the Inbuilt Feature To Repair The Pubg Error, If you Still facing Pubg high ping issue then It must Be Because Of Some of Pubg Error. So you can try this feature To solve your high ping Issue too. basically it will Reset your pubg configurations so you have a chance that this problem may also be solved.