PUBG MOBILE How to fix high ping

hop over to this website You must have noticed while playing PUBG that when you are about to kill someone, you fall back to location where you were few second earlier. Or sometime when you are killing someone you fire almost full mag but the enemy doesn’t die. Well that’s the ping issue and when you look at the bottom left of your screen you can see the signal bar is red and it is annoying.

What is Ping?

news PING is actually reaction time of your internet connection, it tell you how fast you are getting a response from your server. The lesser the response time the better the internet connection and so will be you gaming experience. Ping of less than 30 is considered good for gaming or anything below 100 is good enough and you won’t face much of glitches in your game. Above 100 will be hard for usage of online gaming. Here are some of reason why your ping is so high and how can you fix it.

What Causes High Ping & How to fix it

Internet Connection

This is one of the main reason for high ping. Most of people uses mobile network and signal are not stable enough, which causes sudden change in ping. Also most of users have a bad ISP. Always make sure that you have stable internet connection and if you’re mobile network has poor connectivity the try Wi-Fi if possible. You can try turning Airplane Mode on for few second and then turn it off and check. If still having problem then check your internet connection using third party applications such as Ookla Speed Test where you can see you ping. If its bellow 100 there then you should contact PUBG mobile or try a repair within the game.

Background Synchronization

If you are using auto sync for your google account then this can be your culprit for high ping. You need to stop background syncing not only for your google account but also for other apps that are running on your phone. To disable auto syncing swipe down from your home screen to open notification panel now look for sync icon and tap on it to turn it off. You can also restrict background syncing of individual app form Setting > Apps > All Apps and then select app one by one and turn background syncing off. Or alternatively restrict background data from device care.


Background Downloading

Most of the time Google Playstore’s apps updates are set to auto which run updates download causing network to slow down. This is not limited to Google Playstore you can have other apps which might be running download in background. Always check for background running apps like auto backup for your WhatsApp.


PUBG have larger user base and sometime the server get busy due to heavy load of players and the issue might not be yours alone. Also you can check for different servers within the game and choose the one having lower ping. Another option is use a VPN to change you server, lots of free VPN apps are available on Play store like Turbo VPN. And if you are Samsung user then you have one pre-installed in your phone Samsung Max with unlimited usage.  Connect to VPN and try again playing PUBG your ping should be lower this time.

These are some common causes of high ping but most of the time your ISP is the main culprit. Try out all of the mention techniques and if still no success then I would suggest changing your ISP  or contact PUBG support team.