How to FixReduce High Ping in PUBG and other Mobile

incontri gratis it check over here How to Fix/Reduce High Ping in PUBG and other Mobile Games: Hi Guys, today I am going to show you some useful ways which can help you reduce your ping in PUBG Mobile or any other mobile game.

It does not matter how good you are in the game but if your ping is higher than your enemy then you are at a huge disadvantage and if the enemy is smart than he can easily kill you with desync.

I also have a third-party app for you in case other methods don’t work for you, which is highly unlikely but I included it for you just in case. So, stick around for some awesome ways to fix that high ping of yours.

How to fix high PING | Reduce your Ping

Now before you can reduce your ping, you need to understand what is causing your ping to shoot so high. Once you understand it, then you can easily remove the cause of your high ping.

So, the biggest source of high ping in your device are apps and that brings to our first point.

Number 1:

Remove your recent apps. It’s simple but it is a huge reason if you think about it. Your recent apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp require internet to give you notifications, and if you keep them running then they will eat your bandwidth and as a result, your game will get fewer resources and your ping will shoot up.

Remove your recent apps.Remove your recent apps.

Number 2:

Delete all the useless apps from your device. The apps which you downloaded to use once or don’t use anymore consume your data in the background which should instead be available to the game you are playing and this causes your ping to increase.

Number 3:

Background processes. Your phone is a multitasking device, which means it can run multiple apps at a time and running apps in background when you a playing your favourite game is something it loves to do. But all this background activity consumes your valuable internet and as a result, your game does not get enough to run smoothly and you get a high ping. Now I have 3 ways to fix this. You can try any one of these, or all of these if you want to.

First Way:

What you need to do is open settings in your mobile device and go to apps. And tap on the app you don’t want to consume your data in the background. Now force stop that app. Now tap on data usage, and turn off background data. You can also turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi. Do this for all the apps you don’t want to use your data in the background.

Second Way:

What you need to do is find the setting called network access in your device. In your device, it can be named data access or internet access or something like that. From here you can block all the app from using your data.

Third way:

The third way is to apply data saver in your settings. Just open your settings and go to Mobile Network, then go to data usage and then click on smart data saver. In your device, the process and name can be a little different but you can find it with a little effort. Now before you turn on the data saver, make sure you exclude your games from the list otherwise it will not allow your game to use the internet either.

Number 4:

Manage Space. If your device storage is full and there are some space constraints, you should clean up your device for enabling smooth gameplay. Delete useless files or back them up somewhere else to free some storage. There are many apps which create GBs of cache memory even if you don’t use those often. So, go to Settings and open Apps and then clean the cache memory of suspicious apps. It should hopefully result in better ping in your game.

Number 5:

So, you have everything, but still, you can’t seem to reduce the ping below 100 ms then your connection might be the culprit. Nowadays, the 2.4GHz frequency range is extremely congested and if there are already other users hogging on your router then the latency becomes even worse. So, getting a 5GHz router will allow you to connect with the server much faster without any delay in response. The bottom line remains, go for the 5GHz router and enjoy gaming lag-free with zero latency.

Number 6:

Next is a third-party app called Mobile Gaming Ping:Anti-Lag-Tool. You can use this app at your own risk if nothing else worked otherwise I do not recommend it. What you need to do is open the app, go to settings and, set the packet size to small, and a ping mode to low. Then come back to the main screen of the app and hit start. Then open the game you want to play. This should reduce the ping in your game.

And that was it for the Fix/Reduce High Ping guide guys. Let me know if you found this helpful. And don’t forget to hit like if you liked it, share it with your squad and follow if you want more.