Which Is The Best Server For Pubg Mobile?

Pubg Mobile game is one of the most popular game in recent years. It is an online multiplayer Battle Royale Game PC or Mobile both and it developed by PUBG Corporation. First it released in desktop version but in September 2018 it released free to play mobile version for Android and iOS. This game has 400 million players all over the Globe. All over the Globe pubg mobile game has 5 servers.

In January 2019 Pubg launched their lite version. Which is also free. This pubg version launching the main motive is – Gamer’s play better in low-end computers.

All over the Glove 5 server distributed in several countries. The name of the servers are given below-

1. Europe

2. North America

3. south America

5. Asia


Among these five pubg mobile server, which is best it depends upon various factor. Various factor are given below-

  1. if you a new then Asia server not for you. Because in the Asian server you might be facing some difficulty. My suggestion you start your pubg game playing journey by the KRJP server. Here you easily get Chicken Dinner. If anyone kills you then your again live. This server your speediness, aim, gun choosing ability improve. I also first start from this server.
  2. if you a skilled player or pro player then you start with Asian pubg server. It is best for you.
  3. if you an average player then you use in North America and South America pubg mobile server.
  4. If you use an emulator then my recommendation is you use Asian server or any other server. In desktop pubg playing you may feel easy with respect to mobile. In emulator pubg playing is very easy in every server and you learn new lots of things.

Among these 5 servers I like Asian server. I Played every server and I Don’t get any difficulty in any server. If you a new player then you may be facing some difficulty not for technical issues, for skilled issues. Every pubg server is very quick responsive, it does not any lags and problems of your gaming journey.


In one line answer of the above question is – if you a new player then you use KRJP server and you a pro player then you use Asian server. You an average player then you use North America server, South America server, and Europe server.

In latest Pubg Mobile update has a winter festival, and it brings a new RageGear mode as well as the ability to snowboard in the new Snow Paradise region of Erangel map. The new update size is 673 MB.

Pubg Mobile taking some feature from Call of duty Mobile game. If you also a call of duty player then you compare add on feature on pubg mobile.

I wish you enjoy your Pubg gaming journey and I hope you get some help with this article. You like our site then read our another blog post, Like Best earning app in 2020 .